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Ayam Woku

Manado Food Style Chicken with Kemangi

Iga Bakar

Grilled Beef Ribs With Sauteed Vegetables

Dendeng Balado

Fried Beef Jerky With Chili Sauce

Our Story

ZD Living Gallery & Cafe is a combination of an art gallery and cozy working space offering a quiet and fun working place with fascinating interior. With an art gallery inside, it helps you escape a boring daily work and give a new working experience outside the office. 

cozy place

Designed to be a working space venue with a private room available, with various seating options and open air. It’s a perfect option for those who seek relaxing vibes for work with a mouth-watering culinary option.

food varies

Indonesian are known for their rich diversity in both cultures and food. Indonesia is rich in farm crops such as rice and corn. Indonesia offers a wide range of delicious cuisine that you must get a taste of whenever you visit. Here in ZD Living we proudly serve various options of Indonesian Authentic Food that you should try.

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Many of you maybe wondering what ZD stand for, ZD stands for Zulham Damanik, our talented yet humble founder. He is an Indonesian artist born in Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatera. He loves manifesting his imagination onto the canvas. With his passion and love for the art He created ZD Living Gallery & Café to deliver the art in entertaining ways.

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Jl. Persada II Banjar Pengipian No.6, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80117